New Character Abilities – WIP

Hello everyone, we continue improving Clicker Warriors and almost finished the new character system. On this system each warrior will have a unique active and a passive skill. Each of active and passive skills has a certain amount of cooldown and duration. Every skill might be changed or removed upon release.


Active skill: Increases block chance
Passive Skill: Below %50 health block chance increases


Active skill: Curses enemy and applies damage per second
Passive Skill: All active skill durations are reduced


Active skill: Increases attack speed
Passive Skill: Run speed is very high


Active skill: Increases crit damage
Passive Skill: Has chance to stun enemy


Active skill: Increases crit chance
Passive Skill: Crit damage increases for each hit


Active skill: Freeze enemy
Passive Skill: Each freeze has chance to heal the warrior


Active skill: Increases armor
Passive Skill: HP regen aura


Active skill: Increases click damage
Passive Skill: Increased max energy

Divine Mage

Active skill: Activates divine protection and grants immunity to the warrior
Passive Skill: Slows enemy attack speed


Active skill: Reflects damage
Passive Skill: Below %50 health increases base damage


Active skill: Increases critical hit chance of clicks
Passive Skill: Reduced energy consumption


Active skill: Increases damage
Passive Skill: Life steal

We are looking forward to hear your thoughts about our new character system. We would be grateful for your feedback. Thanks!

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