Clicker Warriors – Work In Progress

Hello everyone, we wanted to share some work in progress state of Clicker Warriors on this weeks blog post.

Currently we are redesigning the skill system. We’ve improved the code of the skill system to make it easy adding new characters and skills. Also we continue to improve the game performance and make sure every device will run Clicker Warriors smoothly.

Progressive Tutorials

We changed the tutorial system completely. The system guides the player step by step with detailed descriptions. At beginning of the game the system disables almost all the core features and enables as the player progresses.


Clicker Warriors will support 20 different languages. We created a new localization system which we will able to add as many new languages as we require. Currently we do not have enough translators and seek for help from our community. If you want to play Clicker Warriors with your own language, please contact us. We would be happy to share the localization documents with our community to add more languages and improve it. Thank you for all your support and looking forward to see you on the next beta!

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