Clicker Warriors – Work in Progress (July)

Hello everyone, we wanted to share some work in progress updates before the second beta. Based on reviews and feedbacks, we continue to add new features and improvements. Clicker Warriors is going to be one of the most unique idle rpg game thanks to our community.

  • We added a new feature called merge items. Players will able to merge two identical items into a better one. This feature will allow merge items incrementally with no limits. The warriors will get stronger and stronger endlessly.
  • Two new set items: We added new set items with new set bonuses.
    • Set bonus 1: Increases gold income rate.
    • Set bonus 2: Increases item drop rate.
  • New option: Always keep screen awake. On mobile platforms this allows to keep the device always on.
  • We added set bonuses to into the item tooltip.

New mouse trail and damage by swiping feature

Set bonus information on tooltips

Upgrade "MAX" feature

Still we have lots of issues to be solved, lots of new features to be added. We are working hard to finish all those tasks and planning to release the second beta as soon as possible. We will share more detailed info once our heavy tasks are done. We are looking forward to see all of you on our second beta!

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