Clicker Warriors – Second Beta Release Date!

Hello everyone, finally we are very excited to announce our second beta date. We are planning to release the second beta on 08 August 2019.

We made some big progress on Clicker Warriors. We have changed the item system completely and now the system will able us to create new item sets very easily. Also this system compares item stats and let us know if there is an unbalanced stat or feature.

We are now using an advanced server management system to monitor all accounts and detect any issues and possible cheats.

We added new coin and item effects. The visual feedback of how much we loot or gather is improved.

We improved our UI system according to feedbacks from you.

Overall performance of the game is much better now. We aim to give the best Clicker Warriors experience to all of our player base.

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We are looking forward to see you all on the second beta!

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