Clicker Warriors – Progression Update

Hello everyone, we were very busy working on some big features for Clicker Warriors. The project continues evolving and we hope everyone will like what we have built so far.

On the last beta, we gathered a high amount of feedback from our community. We finished almost all the tasks which created by our community feedbacks and suggestions.

Currently we are preparing the build for the second beta. Unfortunately we don’t have an exact beta release date but we want everyone to know that we are adding some cool features to Clicker Warriors.

We believe that we created a nice idle rpg hybrid game and we will add much more depth in it by our community’s help.

Besides that, we will discuss some details about how stats work inside Clicker Warriors. Also we will give some info about what we have been working on so far.

Health Points

Health is the main entity which shows how durable the warrior is. Players will able to increase warriors health by wearing items with high amount of Stamina, increasing stamina related talents or attributes.

Energy Points

Energy is the core resource of click damages. Each click spends some amount of energy.

Energy Regeneration

Regenerates some amount of energy/sec. Regeneration rate can be increased by wearing energy related item sets, increasing talents or attributes.

Energy Consumption

Energy consumption defines the amount of energy spent per click. This stat can be decreased by wearing related item sets, increasing talents or attributes.

Warrior Level

Increasing warrior levels, increases base stats of damage and health.


Stamina increases max health of the warrior.


Armor reduces the amount of damage applied by enemy.


Damage can be increased by wearing weapons, increasing warrior level, related talents or attributes.

Attack Speed

Attack speed is used to calculate damage per second. This stat can be increased by wearing related item sets, increasing talents or attributes.


DPS represents how much damage per second will be applied by active warrior.

Critical Hit Chance

The critical hit chance can be increased by items, talents or attributes.

Critical Hit Damage

Critical hit damage is used as a multiplier and can be increased by talents or attributes.

Block Chance

Block chance allows warrior to block enemy attack.

Account Level

Account level has a global multiplier which increases all defined stats. We will publish a detailed blog about Account Level system later.

Warrior Souls

Warrior souls can be used to increase talents. Also warrior souls can be obtained upon revival.

Gear Score

Each item in Clicker Warriors has a gear score which defines the quality level of the item.

Revive Bonus

Revive bonus is a global multiplier which effects almost all stats of the warrior. Each revive increases the Warriors strength.

We changed the core gradual character selection system and turned it into a rpg style character progression system. Each hero will have a unique base stat which will differentiate a warrior from others. These base stats will be able to upgrade by spending Warrior Stones.

Currently we are still working on balancing these stats. We will share more detailed information about the math behind Clicker Warriors in the future. We hope to see you all on the next beta!

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