Clicker Warriors – Now available on Google Play Stores

Hello everyone,

Clicker Warriors is finally available to download on Google Play Store!

We have come a long way since we released the first beta. Thanks to our community and their feedback, we believe that we created a nice idle rpg clicker game. This is just the beginning. We will add tons of features from now. Clicker Warriors will evolve and improve thanks to our community.

We planned to release our game on all platforms at same time. Unfortunately our PC (Steam) and İOS builds are still in review by Valve and Apple. We hope to release Clicker Warriors on those platforms just in a couple days. We are really sorry if any of you was waiting for our game on one of these platforms.

Feel free to download our game from the link below. We are looking forward to hear your thoughts and also do not forget to review our game.

Clicker Warriors – Download Now On Google Play Store!

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