Clicker Warriors – Development Update

Hello everyone! Last few weeks we were very busy on improving Clicker Warriors. We gathered lots of feedback from our community on the last beta and started to work on our large task list. We wanted to share our work in progress changes for Clicker Warriors.

New menu navigation - WIP

We merged the seperated menu windows into single large menu window. Players will able to navigate through all windows from the main menu buttons below.

Item stat comparison

We added stat difference values between equipped and unequipped items.

New insurance system - WIP

We changed the item insurance system completely. Item insurance is now free per slot. Slots can be unlocked by using warrior stones.

New character system - WIP

We created a new character system where players will progress with same warrior. Each player will able to choose a warrior upon creating a new account and on each revival. Also base stats of warriors can be increased by using warrior stones.

Achievement window improvements - WIP

We improved the achievements window with less clicking than before.

Minimized loot window

We added an option to minimize the loot window. All loot will be displayed below the character avatar. No more disturbing loot window!

All new features and improvements are work in progress state. Everything might change on release. Your feedback is highly appreciated and will help us to improve Clicker Warriors.

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