Clicker Warriors – Crafting System

Clicker Warriors has a crafting system where players can use their junk items as craft materials. There are 7 grade of item quality. Poor, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Celestial.

Crafting an item requires 5 items added into crafting slots.  Each item quality increases the chance to craft an upgraded item.

Crafting does not cost any kind of currencies. Players are free to craft as many as item they have. This system will help players to create new item sets, craft missing items or convert their junk items to useful materials.

One of the biggest challenge is to craft a Celestial item. Celestial grade items have powerful stats and very low chance to craft. There are crafting gems which increases the success chance of crafting a better item. Also every kind of item can be dropped from the enemies.

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