Clicker Warriors – 2nd Beta Has Begun!

We are very excited to announce our second beta of Clicker Warriors! Our game has improved and we added lots of new features based on the feedback of our community.

Our first batch of invitations are sent to our subscribed players. If you would like to participate to the beta, feel free to sign up through

We will send another batch of beta invitations after we gather a certain amount of subscribers.

To be able to test Clicker Warriors on android devices, users needs a Google Account ( or a G Suite account to join a test. If you already signed up for android with your gmail, you can ignore this section. If not, please provide us your gmail account through so we can add you on our test groups. This requirement is set by Google and unfortunately there is no solution we could find to solve it.

Android Users: Use the link below to be able to download Clicker Warriors on your devices.

iOS Users: You will receive an additional beta invitation mail from TestFlight. iOS users require to download the TestFlight app.

PC(Steam) users: Currently we are preparing the beta keys for PC build. We will send the steam invitation keys as soon as possible once the keys are ready to go. If you participated to the first beta you can just download the game on Steam and start to test. We also manually providing steam keys. Please join our discord channel and send us a private message to get a beta key!

We are looking forward to see you all on the beta!


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