Clicker Warriors 2.1.20 – 2.1.28 Patch Notes

New Features
  • Added new auto loot system. Auto loot works only if there is empty slot in inventory. If inventory is full, the system starts to stack items.
  • Added auto loot button which is located inside the inventory. By using this button auto loot can be enabled or disabled.
  • Added button to save the current progress of the game.
  • Offline gain system changed. Now you can progress and loot items while offline.
  • Talents can be upgraded quickly by holding down the increase level button.
  • Reduced the speed of Assassin by 50%.
  • Balancing scaled down.
  • Level change buttons are now disabled while charge skill is active.
  • Upgrade scrolls can be added to craft slots again.
  • Send items to craft slots button only sends craft items first. Upgrade scrolls will be sent if there aren’t any craft items left.
  • Tutorials will be enabled sequential slower.
  • Locking progress will be unlocked upon revival.
  • Boost bonus duration is now greatly increased.
  • Boost duration is now displayed.
  • Raycast area on buttons are now larger. It’s now easier to click or tap on menu buttons.
  • Talent window scale rate changed.
  • Items inside crafting slots are now saved to the database.
  • Safer transaction system implemented.
  • Items stat issues fixed.
  • IAP on iOS is now working.
  • Character selection screen text issues fixed.
  • Multiplier hitbox issues solved.
  • Fixed some talent issues but caused another not game breaking issue.
  • Fixed some assertions related script not found because of the localization changes.
  • Ground minions height fixes.
  • Fixed effect locator issues.
  • Fixed background asset issues.
  • Talent exception fixed.
  • Notification circles fixed.
  • Revive bug fixed which caused character selection screen not appear.
  • Fixed character screen header text issues.
  • Ad request window sorting group fix.
  • Server stabilization improvements.
  • Network communication improvements.
  • Server port fixes.
  • Safer network communication between server and client.
  • Addressed the ServerNotResponding error.

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