Clicker Warriors 2.2.20 Patch Notes

Latest Update

Clicker Warriors 2.2.20 Patch Notes


– Armor cap increased from 75% to 90%

– Block cap increased from 40% to 75%

– Critical hit chance cap increased from 50% to 60%


– Game performance improvements has been made.

– Armor values on tooltip shows correctly now.

– Ad network system updated.


– Dynamic balancing system issues has been fixed.


-Game server added to dynamic system.

Clicker Warriors 2.1.65 Patch Notes

New Updates

New Features
  • Added new button to activate all attributes with just one click.
  • Added new skill “Teleport” which teleports the warrior to the 1% of maximum reached round level.
  • Divine Mage’s active skill changed from “Divine Protection” to “Teleport”
  • Wizard’s active skill changed from “Curse” to “Divine Protection”
  • Clicker companion now applies ranged damage. Progress will not stop anymore if the damage kills the enemy in one shot.
  • Warrior soul income rate increased by 20%.
  • Duplication of loots on disconnection bugs fixed;

Clicker Warriors 2.1.55 Patch Notes

New Updates

  •  Increased Damage talent effectiveness.
  • Increased Critical Damage talent effectiveness.
  • Increased Warrior Health talent effectiveness.
  • Reduced Click Damage talent effectiveness.
  • Increased Warrior Cost talent effectiveness.
  • Increased Attribute Cost talent effectiveness.
  • Increased Warrior Soul gain rate and effectiveness.
  • Increased Item Level effectiveness.


  • Shop content definition fix.


  • All game data moved to a better server.

Clicker Warriors – Development Update

New Updates

Hello everyone, on this blog we wanted to share the development progress update about what we have done so far. We have added, improved and fixed lots of features. Thanks to the feedback of our community, we have solved many problems and continue improving Clicker Warriors. We are very grateful and looking forward to release the second beta and hear your thoughts about it.

New Features

New character and character selection system: Players will able to progress with one warrior now. On each revival the system asks if player wants to choose a new warrior or continue with the same.


New active and passive skill system: Each warrior will have a unique active and passive ability.


New account level system: Each action inside Clicker Warriors will grant account level experience. Currently this system is still in work in progress state. We will share more detailed info on our future blog posts.


Guild system: We are still working on guild system and will share more info on our future blogs.


Added new error notification text system: The system will show an error text when inventory is full, out of gold or not enough resource etc.


– (Community Feedback) – Item comparison. Players will able to see the stat difference between equipped item and selected item inside tooltips. Stat increase amounts are displayed as green texts and stat decrease amounts are colored as red.


New GUI: We changed the separate window system into combined window system. This helped us to use more space, avoid window collusions and display more data on single page. Also it is more user friendly and dynamic now.


– (Community Feedback) –  New loot window system. Loot windows can be minimized now. Once the loot window is minimized, players will able to track loot count from the loot window button which is located under the player avatar.


– (Community Feedback) – Loot all button. Players will be able to loot multiple loots by clicking a single button.


– (Community Feedback) – Skills are now displaying remaining cooldowns.


– (Community Feedback) – Charge skill now applies ranged damage. By using the charge skill now the warrior runs fast and does not stop if kills the enemy by one shot. This will help to skip round levels faster after warrior revival.


(Community Feedback) – We improved the tutorials and game progression: The core game features will be disabled at the beginning and will be enabled one by one guided by a tutorial. This will reduce the confusion of all features active at early gameplay.


– (Community Feedback) – The general progression is slowed down. It is more challenging and more fun at the beginning.


– (Community Feedback) – Added new sound volume option. Music and sound effects can be adjusted separately.


– (Community Feedback) – Achievement rewards can be claimed by single clicks.


– (Community Feedback) – Improved visibility of equipment type slots.


– (Community Feedback) – We have reworked the item insurance system. Item insurance is now free/revive. Players will start with 1 insurance slot and slots can be increased by using Warrior Stones. The cost of the slots will gradually increase.


– (Community Feedback) – Increased the kingdom profit. All kingdom upgrades have higher income now.


– (Community Feedback) – We are only showing Gold/Sec now (For kingdom profits only). The income text crowd is now reduced.


– Boost visualisation improvements.


– (Community Feedback) – Lock and unlock progress. Players will able to lock the round levels. For example if the game is on level 125 and player presses the lock button, the game will cycle through same level and players will able to grind gold and items faster.


– (Community Feedback) – Bigger text effects. Every text is now more readable and more clear. We changed text colors and sizes and made more mobile friendly.


– Reduced the build size.


– Converted all achievements rewards into Warrior Stones. More Warrior Stones for our players!


– (Community Feedback) – We are displaying the last selected kingdom buffs. By upgrading or selecting a kingdom object shows related buffs automatically.


– (Community Feedback) – Increased click damage and enabled critical click chance.


– Improved performance. Clicker Warriors was not able to launch on Iphone 6 or similar devices. Not it’s working on similar and worse devices. We will share more information about device compatibility.



– Ad reward buttons are removed from PC builds.


– Zoom in and zoom out added to talents window.


– Talent system is now working and fixed the general issues.


– Fixed “windowed mode not working”.


– Fixed some achievements not working properly.


– Fixed HUD scale issues.


– Fixed tutorial aspect ratio issues.


-Fixed revival not clearing inventory items.


-Some achievement rewards could not be claimed issues are now fixed.


-Duplicated app installation is now fixed.


All these imrpovements and fixes are what we have done so far. Currently we are preparing Clicker Warriors for the second beta. We want to release a smooth beta with less bugs and issues. Our main goal is to focus on game balance and community feedbacks. We will share the beta release date once we finish our current important tasks. We hope everyone will like how the game evolves and looking forward to release it!

Clicker Warriors – Progression Update

New Updates

Hello everyone, we were very busy working on some big features for Clicker Warriors. The project continues evolving and we hope everyone will like what we have built so far.

On the last beta, we gathered a high amount of feedback from our community. We finished almost all the tasks which created by our community feedbacks and suggestions.

Currently we are preparing the build for the second beta. Unfortunately we don’t have an exact beta release date but we want everyone to know that we are adding some cool features to Clicker Warriors.

We believe that we created a nice idle rpg hybrid game and we will add much more depth in it by our community’s help.

Besides that, we will discuss some details about how stats work inside Clicker Warriors. Also we will give some info about what we have been working on so far.

Health Points

Health is the main entity which shows how durable the warrior is. Players will able to increase warriors health by wearing items with high amount of Stamina, increasing stamina related talents or attributes.

Energy Points

Energy is the core resource of click damages. Each click spends some amount of energy.

Energy Regeneration

Regenerates some amount of energy/sec. Regeneration rate can be increased by wearing energy related item sets, increasing talents or attributes.

Energy Consumption

Energy consumption defines the amount of energy spent per click. This stat can be decreased by wearing related item sets, increasing talents or attributes.

Warrior Level

Increasing warrior levels, increases base stats of damage and health.


Stamina increases max health of the warrior.


Armor reduces the amount of damage applied by enemy.


Damage can be increased by wearing weapons, increasing warrior level, related talents or attributes.

Attack Speed

Attack speed is used to calculate damage per second. This stat can be increased by wearing related item sets, increasing talents or attributes.


DPS represents how much damage per second will be applied by active warrior.

Critical Hit Chance

The critical hit chance can be increased by items, talents or attributes.

Critical Hit Damage

Critical hit damage is used as a multiplier and can be increased by talents or attributes.

Block Chance

Block chance allows warrior to block enemy attack.

Account Level

Account level has a global multiplier which increases all defined stats. We will publish a detailed blog about Account Level system later.

Warrior Souls

Warrior souls can be used to increase talents. Also warrior souls can be obtained upon revival.

Gear Score

Each item in Clicker Warriors has a gear score which defines the quality level of the item.

Revive Bonus

Revive bonus is a global multiplier which effects almost all stats of the warrior. Each revive increases the Warriors strength.

We changed the core gradual character selection system and turned it into a rpg style character progression system. Each hero will have a unique base stat which will differentiate a warrior from others. These base stats will be able to upgrade by spending Warrior Stones.

Currently we are still working on balancing these stats. We will share more detailed information about the math behind Clicker Warriors in the future. We hope to see you all on the next beta!

New Character Abilities – WIP

New Updates

Hello everyone, we continue improving Clicker Warriors and almost finished the new character system. On this system each warrior will have a unique active and a passive skill. Each of active and passive skills has a certain amount of cooldown and duration. Every skill might be changed or removed upon release.


Active skill: Increases block chance
Passive Skill: Below %50 health block chance increases


Active skill: Curses enemy and applies damage per second
Passive Skill: All active skill durations are reduced


Active skill: Increases attack speed
Passive Skill: Run speed is very high


Active skill: Increases crit damage
Passive Skill: Has chance to stun enemy


Active skill: Increases crit chance
Passive Skill: Crit damage increases for each hit


Active skill: Freeze enemy
Passive Skill: Each freeze has chance to heal the warrior


Active skill: Increases armor
Passive Skill: HP regen aura


Active skill: Increases click damage
Passive Skill: Increased max energy

Divine Mage

Active skill: Activates divine protection and grants immunity to the warrior
Passive Skill: Slows enemy attack speed


Active skill: Reflects damage
Passive Skill: Below %50 health increases base damage


Active skill: Increases critical hit chance of clicks
Passive Skill: Reduced energy consumption


Active skill: Increases damage
Passive Skill: Life steal

We are looking forward to hear your thoughts about our new character system. We would be grateful for your feedback. Thanks!

Clicker Warriors – Development Update

New Updates

Hello everyone! Last few weeks we were very busy on improving Clicker Warriors. We gathered lots of feedback from our community on the last beta and started to work on our large task list. We wanted to share our work in progress changes for Clicker Warriors.

New menu navigation - WIP

We merged the seperated menu windows into single large menu window. Players will able to navigate through all windows from the main menu buttons below.

Item stat comparison

We added stat difference values between equipped and unequipped items.

New insurance system - WIP

We changed the item insurance system completely. Item insurance is now free per slot. Slots can be unlocked by using warrior stones.

New character system - WIP

We created a new character system where players will progress with same warrior. Each player will able to choose a warrior upon creating a new account and on each revival. Also base stats of warriors can be increased by using warrior stones.

Achievement window improvements - WIP

We improved the achievements window with less clicking than before.

Minimized loot window

We added an option to minimize the loot window. All loot will be displayed below the character avatar. No more disturbing loot window!

All new features and improvements are work in progress state. Everything might change on release. Your feedback is highly appreciated and will help us to improve Clicker Warriors.

Clicker Warriors beta ended.

New Updates

Clicker Warriors beta has come to an end. We gathered high amount of feedback and suggestions from our community. We are really grateful and very excited that everyone liked what we have built so far. In total we created over 150 tasks which we created from our community feedback and reports.

We are really sorry for those who didn’t get an invitation for the beta 1. We didn’t expect this high amount of subscribers. But we will release another beta as soon as possible after we finish all the tasks we created. Our game will evolve and will be much better than current version. We will definitely invite everyone to the beta 2.

We created a new sign up form on Please select your target platform and we will notify you once we start the second beta.

Many thanks to everyone!

See you soon on the next beta!

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