Clicker Warriors – Development Update

New Updates

Hello everyone! Last few weeks we were very busy on improving Clicker Warriors. We gathered lots of feedback from our community on the last beta and started to work on our large task list. We wanted to share our work in progress changes for Clicker Warriors.

New menu navigation - WIP

We merged the seperated menu windows into single large menu window. Players will able to navigate through all windows from the main menu buttons below.

Item stat comparison

We added stat difference values between equipped and unequipped items.

New insurance system - WIP

We changed the item insurance system completely. Item insurance is now free per slot. Slots can be unlocked by using warrior stones.

New character system - WIP

We created a new character system where players will progress with same warrior. Each player will able to choose a warrior upon creating a new account and on each revival. Also base stats of warriors can be increased by using warrior stones.

Achievement window improvements - WIP

We improved the achievements window with less clicking than before.

Minimized loot window

We added an option to minimize the loot window. All loot will be displayed below the character avatar. No more disturbing loot window!

All new features and improvements are work in progress state. Everything might change on release. Your feedback is highly appreciated and will help us to improve Clicker Warriors.

Clicker Warriors beta ended.

New Updates

Clicker Warriors beta has come to an end. We gathered high amount of feedback and suggestions from our community. We are really grateful and very excited that everyone liked what we have built so far. In total we created over 150 tasks which we created from our community feedback and reports.

We are really sorry for those who didn’t get an invitation for the beta 1. We didn’t expect this high amount of subscribers. But we will release another beta as soon as possible after we finish all the tasks we created. Our game will evolve and will be much better than current version. We will definitely invite everyone to the beta 2.

We created a new sign up form on Please select your target platform and we will notify you once we start the second beta.

Many thanks to everyone!

See you soon on the next beta!

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Beta Release

New UpdatesClicker Warriors - Beta Release

Clicker Warriors - Beta Release

Hello everyone. Finally we have released a stable beta build of Clicker Warriors. We have sent beta invitation links to our all subscribers. If you haven’t got any invitation from us, feel free to sign up to the beta through

We require gmail/googlemail accounts for our android users to be able participate in the beta. Also we are sending steam keys to everyone to be able to play on PC.

Join our discord channel and leave your feedback to help us improve our game;

To participate in beta and for more info please visit;
Also follow us on;
For more info contact us;

Clicker Warriors – Crafting System

New Updates

Clicker Warriors has a crafting system where players can use their junk items as craft materials. There are 7 grade of item quality. Poor, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Celestial.

Crafting an item requires 5 items added into crafting slots.  Each item quality increases the chance to craft an upgraded item.

Crafting does not cost any kind of currencies. Players are free to craft as many as item they have. This system will help players to create new item sets, craft missing items or convert their junk items to useful materials.

One of the biggest challenge is to craft a Celestial item. Celestial grade items have powerful stats and very low chance to craft. There are crafting gems which increases the success chance of crafting a better item. Also every kind of item can be dropped from the enemies.

Clicker Warriors – Click System

New Updates

Clicker Warriors has an energy based clicking system. Each click gives a certain amount of damage to the enemy. Click damage increases by upgrading the warriors, talents or attributes.

Each click consumes energy. Damage by clicks are not possible when the energy is low.

Players can increase “Click Damage”, “Max Energy”, “Energy Fill Speed” and “Decrease Energy Cost” by activating attributes, unlocking talents or equipping specific item sets. This features allows players to build the ultimate clicker setup.

Clicker Warriors is an idle rpg clicker game which provides players to create different types of builds depending on their play style. Click based builds are just for players who likes clicking. Get ready to buy a new mouse before you break your current one!


Clicker Warriors

New Updates

Clicker Warriors - Idle Rpg

Clicker Warriors is an idle rpg clicker game which is available for iOS, Android and PC.
It can be downloaded from available app stores.
Clicker Warriors lets players to choose strong warriors which can be upgraded by increasing their attributes, talents and abilities.
These warriors can be equipped with unique items which can be dropped from the enemies.  Each item can be upgraded to a higher rarity. Also there is a crafting system where junk items can be used as craft materials.
Auto play system allows warriors to keep fighting while players are not in control, even while players are offline.
Clicker Warriors offers multiple platform account support. With one account players are able to choose play on any available platform like iOS, Android or PC.