Clicker Warriors 2.1.65 Patch Notes

New Updates

New Features
  • Added new button to activate all attributes with just one click.
  • Added new skill “Teleport” which teleports the warrior to the 1% of maximum reached round level.
  • Divine Mage’s active skill changed from “Divine Protection” to “Teleport”
  • Wizard’s active skill changed from “Curse” to “Divine Protection”
  • Clicker companion now applies ranged damage. Progress will not stop anymore if the damage kills the enemy in one shot.
  • Warrior soul income rate increased by 20%.
  • Duplication of loots on disconnection bugs fixed;

Clicker Warriors 2.1.55 Patch Notes

New Updates

  •  Increased Damage talent effectiveness.
  • Increased Critical Damage talent effectiveness.
  • Increased Warrior Health talent effectiveness.
  • Reduced Click Damage talent effectiveness.
  • Increased Warrior Cost talent effectiveness.
  • Increased Attribute Cost talent effectiveness.
  • Increased Warrior Soul gain rate and effectiveness.
  • Increased Item Level effectiveness.


  • Shop content definition fix.


  • All game data moved to a better server.

Clicker Warriors 2.1.50 Patch Notes

New Updates

New Features
  • Talent window has been changed.
  • Base stats of the warriors can be increased by spending warrior stones.
  • Unlocking new talent requirement increased from 100 to 1000.
  • Tutorial system is now completely changed. The game stops to progress while the tutorials are active.
  • Added new companion which applies click damage/sec.


  • General game balancing changes has been made. Revival effectiveness increased.
  • Talent multiplier and cost calculations are increased.
  • Celestial item stats has been adjusted.
  • Gear effectiveness increased.
  • Shop item prices has been adjusted.


  • Offline progression issue which caused to start from lower levels has been fixed.
  • Cave level missing floor issue fixed.
  • Idle animation not playing on stopped progress issue fixed.
  • Daily rewards window issues fixed.

Clicker Warriors 2.1.44 Patch Notes (New login as Guest system added!)

New Updates

New Features
  • Guest account system implemented. Players will able to play without creating an account. Just click on “Play as Guest” button to start playing.
  • Guest accounts can be activated while playing the game.
  • Improvements on hacker preventation.
  • Main menu placeholder text colors are improved.
  • Ad network system updated.
  • Talent screen scale issues fixed.
  • Password recovery problem fixed.

Clicker Warriors 2.1.40 Patch Notes

New Updates

  • Major balancing changes made.
  • Adjusted all unbalanced items and fixed incorrect gear score values.
  • Changed min level to revive from 60 to 40.
  • Boss and mini bosses rewards players with extra loot. The loot can be collected from the chests behind the bosses.
  • Increased the costs of upgrading item quality.
  • Talents are scaled to 1000 and increased the cost.
  • Kingdom buffs removed from attributes.
  • Question mark icons adjusted.
  • Tutorials are now disabled at the beginning. There is a tutorial button on the player frame which enables tutorials.
  • Achievement rewards has been adjusted.
  • Ad system updated (works much faster now).

Clicker Warriors 2.1.31 Patch Notes

New Updates

New Features
  • Activated attribute system. Attributes can be activated from warrior upgrade window.
  • Balancing changes made.
  • All skill cool downs reduced.
  • Berserker’s passive skill (Devour) restores less health. Reduced from 10% to 3%.
  • Wizard’s active skill (Curse) duration increased from 5 sec to 10 sec.
  • Treasure hunter’s item effect has been reduced.
  • Some unbalanced set items balanced.
  • Reduced energy consumption.
  • Offline progress balanced.
  • Warrior souls and revive bonus texts are adjusted.
  • General button raycast areas increased.
  • Adjusted daily rewards (The rewards increased greatly). Warrior soul rewards are replaced with stone rewards now.
  • Leaderboard local player color changes now.
  • Boost tooltip color changed.
  • Achievement progress issues fixed.
  • Character frame hiding on save game issue fixed.
  • Login issues fixed.

Clicker Warriors 2.1.20 – 2.1.28 Patch Notes

New Updates

New Features
  • Added new auto loot system. Auto loot works only if there is empty slot in inventory. If inventory is full, the system starts to stack items.
  • Added auto loot button which is located inside the inventory. By using this button auto loot can be enabled or disabled.
  • Added button to save the current progress of the game.
  • Offline gain system changed. Now you can progress and loot items while offline.
  • Talents can be upgraded quickly by holding down the increase level button.
  • Reduced the speed of Assassin by 50%.
  • Balancing scaled down.
  • Level change buttons are now disabled while charge skill is active.
  • Upgrade scrolls can be added to craft slots again.
  • Send items to craft slots button only sends craft items first. Upgrade scrolls will be sent if there aren’t any craft items left.
  • Tutorials will be enabled sequential slower.
  • Locking progress will be unlocked upon revival.
  • Boost bonus duration is now greatly increased.
  • Boost duration is now displayed.
  • Raycast area on buttons are now larger. It’s now easier to click or tap on menu buttons.
  • Talent window scale rate changed.
  • Items inside crafting slots are now saved to the database.
  • Safer transaction system implemented.
  • Items stat issues fixed.
  • IAP on iOS is now working.
  • Character selection screen text issues fixed.
  • Multiplier hitbox issues solved.
  • Fixed some talent issues but caused another not game breaking issue.
  • Fixed some assertions related script not found because of the localization changes.
  • Ground minions height fixes.
  • Fixed effect locator issues.
  • Fixed background asset issues.
  • Talent exception fixed.
  • Notification circles fixed.
  • Revive bug fixed which caused character selection screen not appear.
  • Fixed character screen header text issues.
  • Ad request window sorting group fix.
  • Server stabilization improvements.
  • Network communication improvements.
  • Server port fixes.
  • Safer network communication between server and client.
  • Addressed the ServerNotResponding error.

Clicker Warriors – Now available on Steam

New Updates

Clicker Warriors is now available on Steam Store. Download now, choose your hero and start your adventure inside the endless world if Clicker Warriors!

Feel free to download from the link below.

Clicker Warriors – Download Now On Steam!

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Clicker Warriors – Now available on Google Play Stores

New UpdatesClicker Warriors - Idle Rpg is now available on Google Play Store!

Hello everyone,

Clicker Warriors is finally available to download on Google Play Store!

We have come a long way since we released the first beta. Thanks to our community and their feedback, we believe that we created a nice idle rpg clicker game. This is just the beginning. We will add tons of features from now. Clicker Warriors will evolve and improve thanks to our community.

We planned to release our game on all platforms at same time. Unfortunately our PC (Steam) and İOS builds are still in review by Valve and Apple. We hope to release Clicker Warriors on those platforms just in a couple days. We are really sorry if any of you was waiting for our game on one of these platforms.

Feel free to download our game from the link below. We are looking forward to hear your thoughts and also do not forget to review our game.

Clicker Warriors – Download Now On Google Play Store!

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